<MissileTable> = StartMissileConfig()
<MissileTable>.<Variable> = <Value>
(Can also be written as <MissileTable>["<Variable>"] = <Value>)


This is a list of all variables present in .miss files but not present in .ship files. Missiles share a lot of variables with ships; I haven't duplicated those here, but someone else may want to. There may also be a few variables here that show up in both types of files, but aren't listed on the Ship Variables page yet.


NewShipType = StartMissileConfig()
NewShipType.mainEngineMaxSpeed = 300

•weaponName = <sName>: The name of the weapon that spawns this missile, such as "Vgr_HeavyFusionMissileLauncher". Note that multi-stage missiles have the same WeaponName for each stage; for example, both "Hgn_ClusterTorpedoA" and "Hgn_ClusterTorpedoB" have "Hgn_TorpedoLauncher" as their weaponName.
•lifeTime = <fTime>: How long, in seconds, this munition will exist before it vanishes.
•launchTime = <fTime>: How long, in seconds, it takes for this munition to launch. It won't start changing direction, aquiring targets, etc. until this time has passed. Seems to be used to provide a period for the launch animation (if any) to play, but may have other uses.
•detectionDistance = <fDistance>: Maximum range at which this munition can detect and aquire targets. You can do some very evil things with this.
•clusterDistance = <fDistance>: Range from target at which this munition will detonate and release its submunitions.
•numberSubMunitions = <iNrof>: Number of submunition packages this munition carries. For example, a multistage missile would have 1 and a Hiigaran cluster torpedo has 4.
•subMunitionName = <sName>: Name of the submunition package to spawn when this munition detonates, for example, "Hgn_ClusterTorpedoB".
•clusterAngle = <?>: Probably the angle to deploy submunitions at.
•proximityDetonationDist = <fDistance>: I can't get this to work.
•spiralsPerSecondMin = <?>
•spiralsPerSecondMax = <?>
•targetAngle = <?>
•density = <?>