Star Wars: Warlords is Homeworld 2 mod putting gameplay into Star Wars universe. It features almost 100 ships, from both old trilogy, and Clone Wars.


First public version number 0.3 was released in year 2004. In September 2006 version 0.45 was released featuring numerous ships of Empire, Rebel Alliance and Militia. Version 0.5 released in November 2007 contained numerous bug fixes as well as several new, unfinished ships. Version 0.60 contained all the ships from version 0.45, plus additional ships from Clone Wars, as well as 2 new factions (Republic and CIS) and various bug fixes.

Game changesEdit

Current version contains almost 100 high quality ships (including several space stations), full 3D planets, and other background objects as Death Star, 5 playable sides (Empire, Rebel, Militia, Republic, CIS), 2 new gameplay modes, new interface, f/x'es, over 200MB of music and numerous additional maps. Total size of game files is over 500MB making it the largest available mod for Homeworld 2.


  • Evaders, Stratus, JediIgor and the SWRebellion staff (General website/SQL/IRC support)
  • Aff crew (random insights and commentary)
  • Zeelich and Gank and the SWNR team (action IV, bulk cruiser, some textures for DX-9)
  • Starfleet (massive amounts of shared R&D)
  • Deathwish (massivie amounts of moral support)
  • Emakep (Scripting for fighter mod and AI, constant badgering over movie vs EU discrepancies)
  • EnterpriseE (Super Star Destroyer skin and mesh)
  • TFN fleet junkies (lots and lots of background info)
  • Laserblast (research and creative solutions, playtesting)
  • Dreddnott (Fixing typos, extensive LAN and online testing)
  • Hobo, Atlana, Avengre, JCD (Online testing)
  • Evenflow (playtesting, constant comments)
  • Tal Shair (Research organization, testing)
  • turgidson and space moose (discussion about how weapons should effect ships)
  • rgreat (discussions on balance, integraton with RvE)
  • Destraex (running the gallery for a while)
  • Nemesis Chiken (Excellent work on the original stats browser)
  • Ion Fizzle, Evenflow, Tal Shiar (Beta Testing)
  • Tefeari (Icon Graphics)
  • Dragon45 (Initial site design)
  • David Anderberg (Enforcer and Interdictor models/textures)
  • Marco Antonio Malheiros (Escort shuttle)
  • CZW (Kotor vessels)

see original list on Warlords webpage

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