RDN tools is a pack of tools (toolkit) created by Relic Developers Network for people wanting to create modifications to games developed by Relic Entertainment.

Software in Homeworld 2 RDNEdit

FX Tools EditorEdit

Tool allowing to create custom special effects - for example weapon fire effect. This comes with FX Tools Manual

Source Models and TexturesEdit

Unpacked from .big file sample textures, hardpoints files, nebulae and more

Relic Plug-Ins for Maya 3.0Edit

Plugin or Maya 3D modelling software allowing to read and save 3D models from Homeworld

Relic Plug-Ins for PhotoshopEdit

Plugin for Photoshop allowing to read and create files in texture format used by Homeworld

Sample Game Mod – Resource RaceEdit

Example of small mod, packed in .big format.


Documentation for people creating mods for Homeworld 2, provided in PDF and DOC files

External LinksEdit

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