Point Defense Systems was a mod released for Homeworld 2 that strives to create a more militaristic feel to the game than in the normal game. Using various tactical improvements and scripting overhauls, the mod adds much more depth and action to the game compared to the original. Mod is probably best known from concept of imitating Newtonian-based physics and making units themselves more independent, giving the feel of real naval battles. However this is also considered by some as biggest disadvantage of this mod making control over units very difficult for anyone used to play vanilla game or other mods.

Death of PDSEdit

PDS won't be developed further nor will I be interested in doing anything similar for other games but whatever I've made will still be here so long as there are individuals like yourself who enjoy the raw basics of wargaming. - TelQuessir
After over 4 years of development, gaining recognition amongst fans as well as ModDB Best Simulation of 2004 and 2005 the creator of mod has decided on abandoning it's development. By this creators of PDS finally abandoned mod.

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