Pirates Mod was a Homeworld 2 mod adding 'Pirates' as a playable race in Player vs CPU mode and Multiplayer. Mod also added several game modifications.


There were 15 official versions of Pirates Mod. First public version was 0.0.2, and contained only few new units. First public news about mod was published 12th April 2004 on Relic forums. Last release comes from 10 February 2006, the v0.3 version, v0.4 is currently being built.

Game changesEdit

Mod adds new race - Pirates, with 22 units, also Hiigarans and Vaygr get one unit for each side, such as the Advanced Destroyer and Lance Frigate respectively. Also several Pirate units can build weapon modules, thanks to which they can be adjusted to the player's gameplay style. Game has now 3 gameplay modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Megalith (where players capture various space objects) and Trader's Hell (freighters). Also 18 maps are ingame, including one from original game. The Pirates' ship models mostly came from unused Hiigaran ships models, but some are also made from existing models (Such as the Battle Station, made from Chimera Station), and some are even made by the authors themselves.


  • Homer Jr. (Ex Mod leader, Key Advisor, modelling, scripting, sound f/x)
  • Thunderbolt (New Team Leader)
  • Fearing
  • Evillejedi
  • Bones v2.0
  • GoBears
  • DarthVaygr
  • Tefeari
  • Mikail
  • Cleron

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