Kadesh: A Requiem War Minimod is a Homeworld 2 minimod adding the Kadeshi as a playable race in Player vs CPU mode and Multiplayer.


This mod was developed by the Requiem War mod team under the leadership of Kris "DeathWish" Wood. The first version, number 0.0.a was released on 14th April 2005. The first and last published version, 0.1.b was released on 3rd May 2005. The mod readme file says that the final version of this minimod would be 0.1, though this was never published.

Game changesEdit

Kadesh: A Requiem War Minimod added Kadeshi units from Homeworld and also invented new ones that were applicable to the Homeworld 2 era. Units include the Swarmer, Advanced Swarmer, Fuel Pod, Multi-Beam Frigate and the Kadeshi Mothership. The mod gave the Kadesh their own unique resource collecting unit - the Salvager.


  • Kris "DeathWish" Wood (project leader, modelling, scripting, riggers)
  • Enterprise-E (scripting)
  • Starfleet (riggers)

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