Homeworld 2 Complex (simply called Complex mod) is a mod based on the Homeworld2 game engine focusing on enhancing gameplay and adding new units to the game making it far more complicated, extensive and greatly improving replayability. It features a singleplayer mode versus the AI, and a multiplayer mode for up to 6 human players in a match.


Complex mod is one of the oldest mods for the Homeworld series and certainly one of the most extensive in comparison to other modifications. Complex mod appeared on RelicNews Forums Completed Mods section in 2004. Year 2006 brought version 6, and 22 December 2007 brought version 6.0. At 28th of March the official Complex forum was launched, reaching over 3000 users registered by the end of 2008. The mod has reached the Mod Hall of Fame in 2008, and has a large fan- and multiplayer base.

Game changesEdit

The mod adds over 30 units for the Hiigarans and over 10 for Vaygr; several new maps; multiple constructable subsystems (including weapons and defense fields); new gamplay parameters such as crew, rank, and power; an experience system; a "game year" game timer; new formations; new in-game objectives; special abilities for ships; modified physics; adapted AI; enhanced graphics (both for units and special effects); an updated interface; and an expanded research tree.

  • Ability to colonize a planet.
  • Diplomacy System.
  • 40 new units.
  • Crew Stations, Research Stations, Power Stations.
  • Bigger battles.
  • Expanded research tree.
  • Ability to utilise trade convoys.
  • Game time in years.
  • Honor system capping rank.
  • Unit Cap is replaced by crew and officers recruited through crew stations.
  • Customisable game parameters.

Future plansEdit

As stated on the official Complex mod DB page, the recently released Complex version 9.1 will be the last one for Homeworld 2, although not the last one for Complex. Considering that Gearbox is working on a new Homeworld, the modders will likely continue developing the mod on the new engine if they like it.


  • Beghins (Mod leader, scripting, testing)
  • Moly (Design, testing)
  • Van_Der_Goes (Modeling, texturing)
  • Dave (Modeling, texturing)
  • Beppe (Lead testing)
    • Beta testers:
      • Bodo
      • GThompson
      • BlueLeader
      • Decker
      • ClagMaster
      • Sky_walker
      • Palp
      • Jojo
  • Others....

see original list on Complex webpage

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