hitfx = "combo_plasma_hit_spray_blue" firefx = "combo_electrolaser_muzzle_blue" bulletfx = "combo_electrolaser_bullet_blue" nopenetratefx = "plasma_hit_spray" deathtype = "deathPlasma" scartype = "Plasma_Bomb/Plasma_Bomb" fire_sfx = "WEAPON/CARRIER/FIRE/WEAPON_DESTROYER_MISSLE_LAUNCH" hit_sfx = "WEAPON/CORVETTE/IMPACT/WEAPON_CORVETTE_PULASAR_CANNON_BEAM_HIT" nopenetrate_sfx = "WEAPON/CORVETTE/IMPACT/WEAPON_CORVETTE_PULASAR_CANNON_BEAM_HIT" --hit_clamp = {1.0, 1.0} hit_nlips = 0.0005; bullet_nlips = 0.0002;

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