• SYS - system???
  • PRFB - prefab
  • RIG - joints
  • GEO - mesh
  • COL - collision mesh
  • TEX - texture

GameObject Unit_C_SupportCruiser

  • format for unit gameobjects, with several subcomponents
  • 0 - joint hierarchy
  • 1 - reference to unitviewattributesasset script?
  • 2 - animation
  • 3 - upLOD/downLOD
  • 4 - physics

Other important stuff

  • wheelcollider objects have stuff like radius, damping, etc
  • type attributes, including sim type data and some presentation attributes (FX, turret definitions, etc) are on the unit asset container assets, which do not show up as GameObjects, rather as their named classes; they get saved as text files from within Unity and get loaded via reflection; may be some strange binary format once it gets into asset bundle land
  • modifying sim data will cause desyncs
  • regarding texture/mesh injection, there's likely pointer fixup based on a file manifest in the asset bundles (dev speculation)

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